I have a job.

I also have a DVD Player in need of a viking funeral if it keeps skipping on my DvDs >/

Lets see how this goes, Da?


Getting Started, Moving On

Arteche Says:

“The only life worth living is one you’re really passionate about.”

Do not be complacent.

Do not settle.

Do not tell yourself that it’s too late.

Do not count yourself out.

Do not be lazy.

Do not think anything is going to be handed to you.

Do not think that “talent” outweighs hard work.

Whatever it is that you really, truly love to do; do it. Do not half-ass it while working on a back-up plan. Put everything you have into it, chase it like you really fucking mean it, and don’t let go of that goal until you reach it. Don’t lower your standards to make things easy. Throw yourself headfirst into whatever it is that you love, and no matter how many times people tell you that you’re an idiot for not getting that Science degree.

Or that English degree.

For choosing to pursue your dream instead of going to Law school.

For living off of Ramen and Oatmeal so that you can spend less time working and more time painting, or photographing, or whatever it is that you love.

For turning down that full ride to a state university to study art instead.

For deciding at the age of 25, or 30, or 40, that you are going to pursue your dream instead of working one more day at your soul sucking 9 – 5 dayjob.

For disappointing your parents by not becoming a doctor.

For daring to pursue something that makes you happy instead of rich.

If you want it badly enough, you can find a way to make it happen. It might be a difficult road full of rejection, failure, and setbacks, but “nothing in life worth having comes easy.”

So next time someone tells you you’re stupid for doing these things, silly to pursue your dream, wasting your time on something you love simply because it is a challenging road that requires work and dedication, do me a favor. Look them right in the eye, smile, and say:

“Fuck you.”

Then go prove them wrong.

(Put here in case she ever takes this journal down~)

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School started today. No Daily Update.

Daily Updates x3

12AM: BiA is in session, but finished the Monky Lizards. Here

2:40AM: Why does everyone call Espio Ninja-Boy? XD Waaaaai?! And I’m debating on doing mini breaks in between uploads of the comic pages with OOC content I can remember. Sadly most of Still Alive’s OOC is gone but i remember all the Star Wars jokes given. XD

3:30AM: Giving up, going to type out all of Chapter 5 and edit accordingly. e_e;

4:42PM: Yup, combined 4 and 5 together. SO now 6 = 5, whoo! XD So done with 004. -hiccup-

5:42PM: After fun filled day of playing with the puppy and being inspired by ER’s unheard stories, I return to listen to MAGNET by the vocaloids. 8D Here

7:00PM: Finally found something for Tobi’s Birthday present >]

5:00AM: D| Pencils done for Tobi’s birthday present. Ow. Should start inking.

Finished my art vent I did. e_e well, drawing it. Gunna scan and minor color then will decide from there what I’m doing. Might hide behind some coffee.

7:29AM: Finished, uploading the art vent: Big Happy Family

7:56AM: Going to sit on the livingroom floor and doodle more on Tobi’s present. >/ Change of atmosphere. And to annoy my stepdad I’ve been awake for a while and I’m still coherent. >]

11:56AM: Fanboy and Chumchum = HILARIOUS XD Might start watching TV for that. Anyways, finished inking Tobi’s birthday present. Made alot of errors. Photoshop, lets hope you deliver.

1:27PM: Just had a discussion about how I should be on medication with my mother. Troubling part? Don’t know if it’s a joke. D| TObi’s picture is slowly being digitalized if I could sit still. I crave potatoes.

2:22PM: still a-working. Things are glowy 8D going to Livestream. <__< and not advertise it. Not like Tobi could see it anyways |D

3:00PM: LS broke. Oh well. Dinner’s ready. D| Cousin’s here causing drama. Why is it illegal to kill idiots? Whhhhy?


10:00PM: BiA can finally start, uploaded Tobi’s present. XD Now will just zone out. So tired, so little, if any, sleep. e__e; Needed. Omg. XD No idea why I’m so tired, it’s only a 24 hour pull.


7:22PM: Woke up around 3ish, had dinner. Technically I’ve been awake before then but as I conversed with my mother while she did laundry in the bathroom, I enjoy cocooning up and doing very little on a rainy, cold day. She told me good, I’ll have all week to cocoon because it’ll be highest 50 degrees all week. I think I cussed for an hour and hunted down more blankets to make my cocoon. Brought Domo into the shower with me. He hates baths. I love giving him a bath. There’s a compromise here I’m sure he and I could reach, but until he figures out all he has to do is jump and he can get out of the bath tub, there will be no compromising. (And those of you who think this may be odd? Shut up. He’s a dog. He walks around free balling as it is, he’s not going to give a fuck if I’m naked. I sure as hell don’t. =/ AND it gets us both clean in half the time. I see this as a good advantage to saving time).

Now? I am curled up in my chair, leg over my scanner, dressed in cashmere and warm blankets with a chocolate and caramel brownie while reviewing my next 3 courses syllabus. I have College Writing 2, with a WONDERFUL bibliography due for week 5. e_e; AND, for week 9, paper that is 7-10 pages long. Whoo..hope I can learn and get it done, like, weeks in advance. D| Psychology and Adobe Illustrator are my next classes. FFFF. I’m terrified. e_e; Sorta. I technically took high school psychology and am already analytical… approach this like I would a part in a play? e_e;;;

Daily Update: 002

You didn’t get an update yesterday because I was in bed all day and night. =X

3-5AM: Don’t remember when but after typing up notes for the Haunted House Idea I doodled up Bat Jammies and Lady Luck stuff for Tobi to see. |D Then passed out.

Insert a day of having the weirdest conversation with my mother. The bathroom wall is thin and she was in it all day either cleaning the dogs, laundry, her own shower, whatever. So we held like along ass conversation while I remained curled up in bed. She had no idea I was in bed. |D

3:00PM: Out of bed for dinner. Weird ass noodles in the chicken noodle soup but whatever. Pain seems gone. Still a little sleepy but.. meh.

7:00PM: WHOO. Not usually a fan of Mpreg but I got curious. Ended up planning out with Mange 10 Monkey!Lizards. A good excuse to get some concepts down and return later to them. ^_^ My are completed. Waiting on Mange’s to draw those up, and will throw them up together. Already have 1 page of Still Alvie chapter 4 completed.

8:40PM: Another 5 pages done. =X Technically chapter 4 is done but…. e_e; Going to join part of 5 to it if not all of it and figure that out. Whee…heee… -dies-

Daily Update 001 – Late

8AM: Got my grades back >]

College Writing I: 98%
Paper Week 9: Informative Essay: Retroactive Storytelling Results:
Final Paper: Content and Composition 4 40.00% • Introduction and thesis are clearly defined, focused, and significant. • Ideas are developed clearly, reflect insight, and follow a logical progression. • Choice of words is engaging and powerful. • Voice is distinctive and appropriate to task and audience. • Conclusion extends, connects, and comments on main topic. Final Paper: Organization 4 15.00% • Paragraph topic sentences clearly relate to thesis. • Paragraph order reinforces content. • Transitions are effective and varied. Final Paper: Writing Mechanics 4 25.00% • Sentence structure is complete, varied, and interesting. • Punctuation and spelling are error free. Research 4 20.00% • Resources are properly cited using appropriate format (e.g. MLA, APA). • Resources are current, accurate, credible and appropriate for the assignment and discipline. • Referenced resources are integrated effectively and clearly support concepts related to subject matter. Final Grade: 100.00% (IN YOUR FACE WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Image Editing: 89.5% (Lol)

Human Relations: 86% (I hate people |D)
Team Project Results: 270/300 (this is the project with that dickhead and the absent girl. Note, We have to evaluate each other and ourselves. I admitted I had poor communication skills, and did not stay active in the forum as we should but I did keep in contact once a week on SKYPE to our team leader. |D) Although your communication was weak, you did pitch in and assist when a team member was absent. Your teammates recognized the work that you did to contribute to the team project. (I say: Not bad for bad communication! <3)

8:10AM: Why does coffee taste better after I get a strange look from my step dad when he calculates I’ve been awake for far longer than I should be? |D

8:40AM: I love distracting my parents from arguing. <3 I kindly interrupted them with a random comment about paint on cars looking so tacky in polka dots (They were in an argument because my step dad just painted the car and it rained last night. |D So it's got polka dots where the rain settled). They both stopped, looked at me, I grinned and gave a cheers with my coffee and it worked, they shut up. |D Then my mom kicked me out of her bedroom when my step dad went outside to go fix the paint problem under the pretense I was insane. Kekeke. Back to work on METOOL with a full cup of coffee.

8:45AM: So. My previous editors for METOOL suck dick (I love you all still 8D). I just noticed my first line said 6 men in the room, with one additional. There’s supposed to be 8 men total, not 7. XDD Nice mistake to find a year later.

9:09AM: Informed Goji of my plan for world domi—I mean with BiA/METOOL/Updates/You people keeping me whipped. He is along for the ride. I think I enjoy this way too much. :B

9:39AM: It’s awkward explaining PEMDAS and exponents to your mother, it really is. Probably doesn’t help that my brother and myself both are math whizzes and no one else in the family is. =X

9:59AM: Want to fuck someone up on Metal Man’s stage (MM2) while they play? Start mimicking the saws being thrown by saying “bwhip”. It’s hilarious, killed Daniel 4 times that way. |D

10:30AM: Distracting. D| Only 5 pages in still and I can’t focus enough to work on METOOL. I blame Daniel.

10:45AM: BAH. 7 pages out of 27 typed up e__e Taking break to go with Mother dearest to get her title and such for her car.

1:28PM: Home D| Mom’s retarded. Wrote a page of Issue 5 METOOL’s first draft, then drew the TOC image for BiA’s Still Alive (sketch format). =X Antoine looks like a girl. Must. Fix. DX

3:00PM: Jaw killing me gunna take nap.

7:43PM: So uh. Nap no workie, too much pain. =/ Tossed and turned and wanted to scream for the better half of three hours. Finally said fuck it, got up to eat dinner and help mom with her math homework (Distribution lolwhut). Going to try and tweak the Still Alive TOC sketch before scanning it for viewing and sending out the updates.

BiA Still Alive TOC Thumbnail

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